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Abbaye d'Aulne hostel

Located a stone's throw from the Abbaye d'Aulne, it has six rooms combining rural calm and modern comfort, a shower and toilet area, a wireless Internet connection but also and above all an unobstructed view over the ruins of the Abbey.

Double room from 80€/night

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Auberge de l'abbaye d'Aulne

On Facebook : Auberge de l'Abbaye d'Aulne

The field of Carrauterie à Sautin

Want an unusual getaway in the heart of nature? But to enjoy from tour the comfort of a luxurious hotel.
Bed and breakfast from 89 €/night 
unusual accommodation from 129 €/night

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On Facebook : Le Domaine de la Carrauterie

Bivouac Area in(Froidchapelle, Picou, Crayats,  Frès,  bois de Blaimont, Nouveau Monde)

Located along "La Grande Traversée de La Forêt du Pays de Chimay" these bivouac areas allow hikers to legally bivouac in the middle of the forest and leave the next day for their adventure.



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