Who are we?

Creativity: we offer our visitors unique experiences, in terms of both available range and our promotional methods. Hainaut is a region of creativity and originality.

Conviviality: Hainaut is just like the people who live there. Warm, welcoming, outward-looking and friendly. VisitHainaut embodies these characteristics. You’ll feel right at home here!

Innovation: VisitHainaut allocates a large part of its tourism promotion to innovation and the support of all new activities within its region. Hainaut – looking to tomorrow, today!

In Hainaut, discover the most attractive initiatives by private individuals or companies. Don’t miss any of our province’s must-do attractions, events and histories. VisitHainaut intends to embody Hainaut’s DNA by putting its heroes and its most attractive assets in the spotlight.


Fun: the activities and events we promote aim primarily to provide pleasure to everybody who takes part. Be it intellectual or physical, fun is one of the sensations at the heart of the Hainaut experience.

Relaxation: thanks to the diversity of its region and the multiplicity of offerings, the province of Hainaut ensures that all visitors find a harmonious setting.

Discovery: abounding in numerous attractions, Hainaut guarantees an incomparable opportunity to discover unexpected landscapes, traditions or events. Thanks to the promotion by VisitHainaut, you’ll never miss any of the best times our province has in store for you.


History and stories: Hainaut is the province where History and stories come together. The traces of the past make our province a region that retains a memory of what it has lived through. As you make your discoveries, relive Hainaut’s greatest times and greatest eras. Belfries, ramparts, cathedrals, industries, mines, towns or canals, so many offerings that VisitHainaut aims to promote so that you’ll miss nothing that makes up our identity. Thanks to our promotions, also discover just as many opportunities to write your stories, sharing your best moments among family or friends!

Nature and getting away: The province of Hainaut has more than 48,000 hectares of woods and forests. We offer tourists picturesque landscapes and villages, hiking trails or well-maintained side roads. VisitHainaut wishes to offer leisure and getaway fans numerous attractions, the diversity of which is one of the region’s assets. Magnificent lakes, ponds, parks, nature exploration centres – so many  examples of what makes Hainaut a green province. Add to this our region and our gastronomy, or our folklore as well, and you’ll get a glimpse of the whole range on offer by VisitHainaut.